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Rick's Main Roofing
Located at 26 Fitch Street ,
Norwalk , CT
Telephone: (203) 838-5858
Fax: (203) 838-4949
**And don't forget our
24 hour emergency service to help you out in the worst situations!

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Here at Rick’s Main Roofing the combined experience of our management and staff shows itself in the design, materials, installation, repair or maintenance of your roof. To us, it’s more than “laying down a shingle”! The materials we sell and their manufacturers, we have used for many years. Our mechanics and servicemen are trained according to the manufacturer’s instructions and we regularly attend the seminars and training courses they offer.

It is this experience, training, and management that our customers have enjoyed that allow them to feel confident in the Rick’s Main Roofing Ltd labor warranty. It is a guarantee we take seriously as we pride ourselves in our reputation, but situations can happen. When they do our response is critical in maintaining a good relationship with our customers and our manufacturers!

Rick’s Main Roofing Ltd also installs and maintains all types of wood, slate, and, tile roofs.
*Installing Member of Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau
Through our Sheet Metal service our craftsmen install all types of metal roofing, copper flashing, aluminum and copper gutter systems, interior and exterior paneling, and custom/architectural details.

Ventilation is the most misunderstood and misused aspect of roofing. In most homes, ventilation systems are inadequate and poorly designed. This can lead to severe energy losses and high energy bills, poor air quality due to mold and pollutant build up, structural damages and premature paint failure, ice damming and severe roof leaks, and many other issues. Our sales staff is highly trained to find and address these issues with a proper and balanced system making your home safe and efficient. Special problems are no challenge. We have designed a few of our own ventilation products to deal with the tough to ventilate areas.

Here at Rick’s Main Roofing we are certified to proudly and professionally install the following systems: